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Compass Logo Office Neon Sign

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Compass logo wall lights office decor
Compass logo wall lights office decor

About Compass and the Neon Logo

Meredith helps pumps her co-workers with a decorative office neon sign. Meredith, the client, is a realtor at Compass, she is one of the best, in fact, she is one of the top 50 realtors in Austin Texas providing the best services and helping clients find the perfect homes for them. Compass is a market listing where new homeowners can find the perfect place for themselves. Check out her Instagram to see how Meredith is as a realtor.

More About this Office Neon Sign

This white neon sign is a replica of the Compass logo, a real estate home listing company. The sign uses white neon lights and all the signs are put in place with a round clear acrylic backing. The sign sizes about one and a half feet in diameter making it a great addition to a wall design among others.

Mock up and actual photo for Compass custom logo neon sign
Mockup and actual photo for Compass custom logo neon sign
Lights off neon with clear circular backing
Neon sign with its lights off
Office Neon Sign of Company Logo Wall Decor
Office neon sign of Compass realtor logo Wall Decor

We here at HiNeon endeavor to help clients stay on-brand. Here we create neons that copy as accurately as possible the design of logos or whatever they imagine. With our rigid neon signs, you get faux neons that look like the real traditional ones. What’s different is it’s safer, more durable, and more aesthetically appealing. Getting a custom neon sign? Check out our projects to get more inspiration. If you already have a design, feel free to send it to us and get a free quote!

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