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Brody RGB Neon Sign

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Brody Neon in Pink
Brody neon sign in pink

About Brody and the RGB Neon Sign

Brody livens up his gaming experience with an RGB neon sign. As a gamer on YouTube, it is important to be in the mood for a game to win! This YouTuber is famous for his video animations in BrodyAnimates.

Brody animates different content mostly for gaming and other cool stuff with his friends. These are some cool content for teenagers like Brody. He even has some merchandise. Let’s support this young Youtuber.

More About the Neon Sign

This almost three foot wide sign is a cool neon sign that changes color to color. Although most of the neon projects we have are static, we also offer RGB neon signs like Brody’s. This sign comes with a remote controller where you can choose colors or make the color change in different speed and movements of light. The sign is supported by a clear acrylic backing which puts the lights together easily.

Actual vs Mockup of Brody's Neon Sign
Actual vs mockup of Brody’s neon sign
Mockup of the Neon sign
Mockup of the neon sign
Brody Face Neon in Blue
Face only, Brody logo neon sign in blue

See the GIF in Action

Here’s a glimpse of the neon sign in action. See how beautiful the light is as it switches, This is one of many amazing neons signs we have produce. Check out our projects for more inspirations. Feel free to send us your deign and we will be there ready to help. Let’s make the neon sign you imagine into a reality!

Brody Youtuber RGB Neon Sign
RGB Neon Sign for Brody Animations logo

See the Neon Sign in Brody’s Stream!

Check out some of Brody’s cool videos! Here you can also see the neon sign in the stream towards the end. You can also check out his Instagram for more updates from Brody!

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