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HiNeon x Basak Logo Word Art Neon Sign

About Basak Cafe

Basak Café beautifies their restaurant with a simple word art neon sign. Basak brings Korean flavors to Canada by serving customers with sweet Korean waffles, yogurt drinks, and dalgona coffee latte! One thing customers love about the cafe is the ambiance it brings particularly in one area is something that can’t be missed! It shows a bright yellow wall signifying a light coming from the bulb and a very welcoming neon sign. A lot of customers would post a photo against this wall and looks great on Insta! Definitely, you should try their ‘half and half’ chubby waffles too!

This Word Art Neon Sign

Basak and its simple word art neon sign. Most companies would use word arts for their logos, some would have wanted name art to personalize their things. A word art when use professionally would make a good fit as a logo. Logos are an artform in itself. This is why simple word arts are what we see most of the time in logos. It would highlight the name while the unique stoke would embed the branding to the viewer’s memories. Giving a name an identity unique to itself. One that just by looking at an ordinary name Joe could mean differently when written in a way a name art would be as it is shown consistently.

Branding and Consistency in Neon Signs

In branding, it is important that the name of the brand or the logo is presented consistently. Every line, every stroke, color, or shape could mean one thing. More importantly, The more the brand is shown the same way consistently, the more it is embedded in the viewer’s mind.

For this neon sign, sticking closely to the sign is most important. Although in some cases we might tweak a sign, we can never truly lose its focal point. Like in this case, the focal point in this logo is the arrow at the end. The font and the color is also still consistent with the brand.

HiNeon of course presented several options to the company with the brand images they have sent us. The team of designers also proposes adjustments that could make the signs more aesthetic at the same time still maintaining the brand’s identity. The client wanted to have a white or orange neon sign for indoor use standing at 10 inches tall. Finally, they decided on a simple white word art of their logo. Maintaining a clean look and the image of the brand all the same.

Let’s Create your Next Project Together

Our team at HiNeon understands what you need as a business. We have a professional team who can help you with your customization needs. A team of neon specialists is there who can help guide you and provide expert advice to ensure your neon signs will be installed as you need them to be. And, a team of designers is there to ensure to create a mockup for your brand that would fit the style of the neon and your logo best. Let’s start designing!