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HiNeon Customized Antro Script Neon Sign in Pink

About this Script Neon Sign Project.

This customer, Robin, had chosen the font Antro with a 25 cm letter height or 10 in for his script neon sign. Antro is just one of the four fonts we offer for our HiScript Neon signs. In the design lab, you can visually see how your sign would look like in real life as you type away the words. Besides the font, colors and sizes are also customizable. You can choose between 4 different letter sizes and 9 different colors. Inside the design lab, you can see the changes in the neon sizes and the price as you type every letter or choose different letter sizes.

More about HiScript Neon Signs

This neon sign is requested by Robin to be 2 meters long. Thus, the team had a mockup prepared a mockup so he could get the desired size he wanted. Considering options like changing the size of each letter and changing positions per column. Even if we have the design lab for you, you can still reach out to us for customizations you might need. Check out the carousel below how the neon sign looks like in real life from every angle.

Let’s work on your next project together!

Customizing with the design lab is just one of the many possibilities you can do if you work with us on your next project. Because we produce rigid neon signs, we create neon signs that stick as closely to the brand as possible making it great to use for companies, events, or just a simple room decor. With custom neon signs, there are many possibilities with lots of options for you to choose from that go beyond fonts, sizes, and colors. See how each neon sign can elevate a space or a photo in the gallery below.