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Animated Health Bar Neon Sign for Go Button Productions

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Red, White

Let this neon sign bring you back to health with it’s beautiful lights and animation.

About Go Button Production and the Health Bar Neon Sign

Go Button makes content studio special with an animated health bar neon sign. Go button creates epic content studios for streamers and online shows. Based in Southern California, this company has 15 years of experience and counting in providing gorgeous studios on a budget. Developing an online show? You know who to call.

You might have seen their work on some of the brands like Kinda Funny, Twitch, World Wrestling Entertainment, Fandom, Ubisoft, and IGN to name a few. Maybe you too are a streamer that runs an online show, come see their work and be inspired. You might be able to spot where they used this animated heart neon sign!

Making this Animate Custom Neon Sign

Go Button wants to have a neon sign that looks exactly like their picture they sent but animated. That is exactly what they got. they intended the neon sign to be mounted on the wall. Two signs were produced, one with clear backing and the other with a black backing to put them together. Sizing at 3 ft x 1 ft and with bright red and cool white neon, this neon sign could lift your spirit up in an instant once you get your eyes on it.

Mockup and Actual Health Bar Neon Sign
See how close the mockup is to the real deal.
Animated Neon Health Bar in Motion
Beautiful health bar neon sign up close.
Heatlh Bar Custom Neon Sign
Amazing and beautiful exact copy of an animated health bar.

Check out this animation in action

HiNeon can create custom neon signs to your liking. Just take a look at this beautiful dancing neon! Depending on your options need we give you options to get what you need. See our design guide and the many possibilities you could do with modern neon art design. Want to see what else we could do? Check out our projects to get an idea on what you could do to jazz up your space!

Cool animated health custom bar neon sign
Check out this cool animated health bar custom neon sign.

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