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HiNeon x AirMiles Canada: Brighten The Stage With Custom Neon

Considered Canada’s premier loyalty program for over 25 years, the AIR MILES® Reward Program has more than 11 million Collectors (3/4 of Canadian households), and thousands of Partner locations giving AIR MILES® Reward Miles across Canada.

AIR MILES coalition has more than 200 retailer brands, 100s of online retailers, and two AIR MILES credit card partners. AIR MILES Cards are swiped a thousand times a minute, every minute of every day, 7 days a week, from grocery stores to gas stations to home improvement centers, leading to a reward being redeemed every 3.3 seconds.

Decorate The Stage With A Vibrant Neon Sign

HiNeon works with the Airmiles program marketing team to decorate up their performance stage for concert shows provided to AirMiles collectors in Winnipeg and Toronto.

We delivered the StagePass sign on a UV-printed acrylic while the other signs are on clear backing. We provide multiple colors of acrylic backing options. We can also print your own graphics on the acrylic backing provided with a vector file. It’s done by industrial leading high-resolution UV printers.

If you live in Canada, there’s a high chance you will have an AirMiles card number. If not, get one today!