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When ramen’s broth and spices smell fill the ramen restaurant, there’s no way to not feel your stomach grumble. The scent alone is appetizing enough to make diners and passersby feel hungry.

Ramen is a well-loved Japanese food. If you want to increase the foot traffic of your Japanese restaurant or 24-hour ramen store, try displaying a glowing neon light on your storefront.

  • Decorate your Asian restaurant with a ramen restaurant neon sign
  • Low energy consumption and runs at 12V low-voltage LED
  • LED neon light with a 50,000+ hours lifespan
  • With black backing to easily see the neon ramen open sign day or night
  • Size is suitable to display by the window or near the entrance (19″ X 19″)

It’s exciting to choose different types of broth, topping, and even noodle textures. Whether you love shoyu ramen, shio ramen, or tonkatsu ramen, our ramen shop sign is a head-turner for people searching for a place to dine.


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