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Head Turner

Heads will keep turning your way no matter what time or weather! Get full control of its brightness and switch between 6 modes with an RF remote control.

HiOpen Head Turner

Durable and long-lasting

Turn it on day and night, no worries! Our open signs are made with solid acrylic PVC and LED lighting. it’s maintenance-free and courier safe.

Remote Control

All our Open Signs come with a remote control dimmer for your store’s convenience. Make it visible any time of the day by controlling its brightness and lighting modes.


Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient

LED is a safer & energy-saving alternative to traditional neon lights. Save up to 80% power and reduce up to 760kg (1676lbs) of CO2 per year with LED neon lights.

You can’t beat the convenience of an exit sign. Whether you’re at a restaurant, workplace, or retail store, it clearly indicates the quickest and safest way out in an emergency. 

With our neon sign “EXIT,” your exits are brightly lit. 

  • Narrow and letter-spaced lettering
  • Choose from seven neon colors
  • Black backing to even more lit exit signs
  • Complete with indoor power supply and installation parts 
  • Perfect measurement for hallways and exits (19″ X 7″)

With its unmistakable red lettering outlined in white on a green background, these emergency lights draw your attention when you need them most—as industrial light fixtures or even as LED floodlights. Unlike fire escape maps that are often difficult to interpret and notice in the heat of an evacuation, exit signs provide direct guidance to follow in the wake of unexpected situations.

Don’t compromise on protection—invest in a neon exit sign today!

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Need a different Design?

Create your own custom open sign! Answer our custom neon form and let our staff help you bring any neon design into reality!

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