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Mood Booster

Energize your space with a cool neon sign! Add a great mood to your shop or room and instantly feel good and awesome.

Plug and Play

Directly plugs into 2 prong plug. Get the vibrant and vivid effect of the open neon art sign you can directly plugin.

Seamless Design

Say goodbye to ugly backings and say hello to seamless neon designs with no excess backing necessary. Combine it with some art and it will surely give out a wow!

Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient

LED is a safer & energy-saving alternative to traditional neon lights. Save up to 80% power with the 12V power adapter that comes with the package.

The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.

– C. S. Lewis

The circle symbolizes a lot of things. For example, it can mean timeless or eternal, whole, perfect, or cyclic. “What goes around comes back around,” they say. This is why the circle is also used to represent God and the cycle of our life. It may also represent unity or even celestial bodies. Choose a different color and the meaning also changes. In particular, a yellow for the sun or ice blue for a blue moon light-up sign. With a circle of neon light, the possibilities are endless. Thus, you can be creative and incorporate this circle neon sign with your wall art design!

Sizing at 15in diameter, this neon sign circle-shaped wall light is just the right size to play with and incorporate designs even for your bedroom walls. It has easy installation accessories so you will always end up with a clean finish. Mix and match different shapes and colors to form a creative picture! You can create a purple pyramid triangle and a circle-shaped neon light as a blue moon LED sign to make a unique and modern nordic picture on your wall. There are even more colors to choose from such as white, warm white, pink, green, and red.


This circle neon light can also make awesome LED club lights for your nightclub or make your space feel like a dance floor by using colorful circle neon signs on your walls as your night club lights. Some may even use the circle as a border for partners’ initials. Be bold, playful, and creative! This round LED sign could be used from a living space decor, a modern wall art decor for your shop, and of course the light of the party!


  • The HiNeon Advantage: Get the vibrant and vivid effect of neon lights circle art sign you can directly plugin. Get full control of its brightness depending on your mood with a dimmer switch.
  • Eco-friendly: LED is a safer & energy-saving alternative to traditional neon lights. Save up to 80% power and reduce up to 760kg (1676lbs) of CO2 per year with LED neon light ring signs.
  • Durable and long-lasting: lights up for you for years to come. Made with solid acrylic PVC and LED lighting, it’s maintenance-free, courier safe, and safe for indoors – even for a kid’s bedroom.
  • Light up the fun: Get a cool and fun vibe with the 15”x15” circle neon sign. Accurate cut, bright color, and a clean finish. Suitable for game rooms, clubs, bars, bedroom, and party decor.
  • What you get: This round neon sign includes a 10ft power cord, easy-installation accessory, and dimmer switch. Comes with a low voltage LED (12V adapter included), 1-year warranty.

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