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Head Turner

Heads will keep turning your way no matter what time or weather! Get full control of its brightness and switch between 6 modes with an RF remote control.

HiOpen Head Turner

Durable and long-lasting

Turn it on day and night, no worries! Our open signs are made with solid acrylic PVC and LED lighting. it’s maintenance-free and courier safe.

Remote Control

All our Open Signs come with a remote control dimmer for your store’s convenience. Make it visible any time of the day by controlling its brightness and lighting modes.


Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient

LED is a safer & energy-saving alternative to traditional neon lights. Save up to 80% power and reduce up to 760kg (1676lbs) of CO2 per year with LED neon lights.

This small door open sign is an excellent addition to your business to let your customers know that your store is open. Though it has a cute small size, this cute open sign can get your store noticed as customers pass by your store. Even a wee little neon open sign like this can still get attention with its bright, vivid lights. Not a fan of big neon lights? But you still want to have a modern and unique sign in your shop? Then this tiny neon sign is perfect for you!


This small neon sign sizing at 10”x6” is the perfect size to hang as an open sign on your door glass windows. For instance, easily hang it with a hanging chain and 10ft power chord that comes with it. Small Neon lights also make excellent glass door signs for business. Moreover, it’s visible even for those with tinted glasses or under the bright afternoon sun. Plus, it’s also visible any time of the day or in any weather with a black backing. Set up the lighting any way you want with an RF remote control for you to brighten or dim your neon lights.


Flashing front door signs for business are becoming a thing to help get foot traffic. Why not make your open sign dance to the groove of the music with your RF remote control? This will get you the attention you need fast! Choose to make each mode slower or faster to match the mood of your space or keep it steady. Change the lighting into six dynamic modes, including flashing, fading, blinking, and strobing.


This small custom neon sign would be perfect for any business. We have colors to match the ambiance of the place or branding spot on. Choose between eight colors like red, green, white, pink, and blue. It also includes a hanging chain, 10ft power chord, and easy installation accessories. Feel relaxed even if you light it up throughout the day. We provide a 12V adapter, so hooray for zero lost opportunities and saved energy!



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Need a different Design?

Create your own custom open sign! Answer our custom neon form and let our staff help you bring any neon design into reality!

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