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1 Year Warranty

Increased Visibility

Now you can put your open sign outdoors! Whether for drive-through, takeout, or attract more foot traffic, our outdoor open sign will shine for more people to see!


Open Rain or Shine

Whether it rains or shines, don’t be afraid to leave your neon out there for everyone to see . The sign has an IP65 water resistance rating that is resistant to light rains and snow.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Comes with one year warranty. It is made with strong acrylic and PVC materials, protected with IP65 coating. It’s built to last and is maintenance-free!

Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient

All our outdoor neon signs comes with a UL-listed 12V outdoor LED driver that can help you save electricity and help the environment by reducing carbon emissions with LED.

Whether it’s a quick espresso pick-me-up in the mornings or an indulgent specialty drink before customers head home, many with convenient drive-thru service are ready to satisfy your cravings! How will they see your cafe? With our drive through coffee neon lights! 

  • hot cup of expresso in cool white neon 
  • Coffee drive-thru in white and red neon
  • Placed in a black backing for an even brighter effect
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant 
  • Perfect size for indoor or outdoor lighting (20″ X 20″) 

Looking for “coffee near me drive thru” has never been easier with our business neon sign. Busy people will stop by your coffee drive-thru, illuminated in a beautiful neon light that will envy your business block. 

It’s time that people experience the great coffee and lit ambiance with this coffee neon sign! Coffeehouses, convenience stores, and fast food restaurants serving delicious coffee—upgrade your storefront signs today!


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Need a different Design?

Create your own custom open sign! Answer our custom neon form and let our staff help you bring any neon design into reality!

HN-OPEN-S2-No Backing-R-2000x1500-3