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Your search for an awesome range of LED neon wall signs ends with ‘Hi Neon’.

Add our amazing cool neon light signs to your personal wall, bedroom or anywhere else in the home. They catch attention so effortlessly and make a strong statement. Browse our collection and shop for our “readily available ” neon light wall signs for your room.

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Our neon sign gifts will leave you delighted to no end. Let us know if you wish to customize it for creating a special impression on someone special.

We stock a range of durable and waterproof neon signs that can be used in offices, homes or wedding decorations to add fascinating warmth and glow. From love quotes to hearts, emojis to statements, phrases, words, and images, we offer stunning neon signs to our valued customers.

Unique & Affordable Neon Signs

If you are unable to find the perfect neon sign, then our online shop needs all your attention. Browse our standard designs or ask for customized neon signs for your home or business.

Our highly skilled craftsmen will work with you to deliver what you envisioned in the most perfect manner possible.

We take care of your pockets too! Every neon sign is reasonably priced to meet your specific needs.

Feel free to call us on +1 833 768 799
email: hello(at) We will be glad to connect with you. Share your reviews to let us know your experience with our neon sign shop.

This is our custom neon sign project shop, to see more please visit our website:
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