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Animals have always been a part of nature. The purring cats, barking dogs, and roaring tigers - it is undeniable that animals are top of mind when we think of nature. In hustling and bustling city life, it is normal to lose contact with nature. The sound of the rustling trees, flowing rivers, and the ever-diverse animal kingdom. And in a time where home decor takes inspiration from nature, neon lights have not stayed behind. So, if you’re on the hunt for lights that will bring you closer to nature, then the HiPattern Animal series may just be for you! From the cute, fierce, and mighty, our animal neon signs might just be what you need to add a touch of wildlife to your home. Not only will it set the ambiance, but it will also help any wall or space stand out. Best for animal and pet lovers, you’re sure to find the animal that best fits your space and your personality.
Neon Animal Decorations for Home

Whether you’re having a themed party or just want to decorate a room, the animal series can be one of your options. Get the Grizzly Neon Bear Light to decorate your child’s room or the Bat Neon Sign to set the mood for your next Halloween party. Celebrate your love for your pets and bring out the animal lover in you with decorative animal neon lights.

Neon Animal Glow Signs for Business

Snazzy and bright lights are always great ways to entice customers to come into any store or business. These animal neon lights are the perfect way to stir curiosity among passersby. Pet shops, grooming centers, and veterinary services can choose from various designs, such as Cat, Dog, Fish neon signs and more! Get your neon animals today.


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