What's in the Package

Here is what you get in the package; metal beams, letters, power adaptor, wire connectors, beam stoppers, screw holders, 4mm screws, clear acrylic supporter, XXmm screws.

Follow These Steps:

Step 1

Flip the metal beams to the back where the holes are. Align the clear acrylic supporter and lock it with the 4 mm screws.

Step 2

Flip it to the font.

Step 3

Choose your preferred wire exit of the sign. Place the red wire at the top of the sign and the white wire at the bottom.

Step 4

Fill the opposite side with the beam stoppers.

Step 5

Install the adapter to the sign and plug into the outlet.

Step 6

Place the letters on the beam and make sure the letters work before mounting the sign.

Step 7

Place the metal beam against the wall and mark the areas where it needs to be drilled on the wall

Step 8

Drill a hole on the wall at the marked areas

Step 9

Insert the nail holders with a hammer where the holes are.

Step 10

Align the holes with the sign

Step 11

Drill the screws accordingly

Step 12

Arrange the characters back to the beams and your sign is ready light up.

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