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Modern LED Pendant Lights

Create a sense of grace and delight in each space

HiTube is a functional and decorative indoor ceiling light that adds a great deal of personality to any area. Easy on the eyes, versatile, and always results in a unique interior. 

Achieve timeless value when you use LED pendant lights by HiNeon to upscale the atmosphere of any renovation, remodel, or new build.

Efficient & Sophisticated Light Fixture

No need to sacrifice style and beauty over function. Move on from drab lighting to refined indoor LED pendant lights. 

Improve the character and mood of any space with HiTube. Versatile and classy—you won’t run out of ideas on how to use this modern LED ceiling lighting.


Turn any space into a vibrant experience. Add harmonious lighting to hotel dining areas or a dramatic gleam to hotel bars. 


A fail-proof choice for chic interiors. Refine boutiques and shopping centres with light fixtures that make products shine beautifully. 


Elegant as stand-alone lighting and even stronger in a cluster. Suitable for lighting up low ceilings in libraries or classrooms.


Dazzle the guests with beautiful ceiling light. Illuminate the living area, add a wow factor to the staircase or highlight an overlooked space at home. 

Browse Our HiTube Catalogue

See our modern LED pendant lights design. From symmetrically lined LED tube lights to complex lighting arrangements that add variety to the ceiling, HiTube is a gem for commercial and residential spaces. 

Get inspired by our pendant LED light designs. See the possibilities you can create using HiTube today. 



Mix & Match

HiTube is about flexibility. Design with HiTube in multiple ways and create simple to complex lighting designs

360° Illumination

HiTube’s illumination angle is 360°around the tube, allowing for a seamless look and soothing glow


LED neon lights use 75% less energy than other light sources like incandescent and fluorescent

1-Year Warranty

HiTube has a 1-year warranty and it is extendable for up to 5 years

Lasts for Years

HiTube has a lifespan of 50,000+ hours

Free Shipping

We deliver HiTube in Canada and USA for free

Durable Material

Less prone to breakage since there are no moving parts inside the LED tube. Impact-resistant and convenient for shipping

UL & ULC Listed

HiTube complies with industry-required standards for safety and quality in Canada and USA

Explore HiTube

color options

CCT Tunable*, Cool White (6500K), Daylight (5000K), Natural White (4000K), Warm White (3000K), Red, Green, Blue, RGB option

*The white LED tube has a correlated color temperature/ CCT tunable option from 3000K to 6500K. The lighting allows users to adjust the color based on the color temperature of their choice. You can choose two temperature ranges depending on the light you need (ex. 4000K to 6000K, 3000K to 5000K, etc.)



HiTube is a 360° LED tube light. Use a non-dimmable LED driver or one of our dimmable LED options (0-10V or DALI LED drivers). 


led neon specialists

HiNeon is the leading LED neon sign manufacturer based in Vancouver, Canada. We are committed to providing modern LED lighting for a variety of settings. We created HiTube to meet modern lighting requirements for commercial, hospitality, residential, and corporate renovations or new interior design projects.

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HiNeon can create LED ceiling lights for our U.S. and Canadian clients. Does HiTube match the lighting fixture you need for your project? Our neon specialists are ready to assist you.

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