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Creative LED Light Fixture

Step beyond ordinary lighting 

Hi360 is a flexible and versatile decorative lighting from HiNeon. Create a space that inspires creativity and exudes a positive vibe. 

Take the conventional wall and ceiling light fixture concept to the next level. Light up the space with Hi360.

A Statement Light With a Twist

Looking for an indoor ceiling light fixture that commands attention? Hi360 can transform your ideas into a work of art. From LED chandelier lights for guest rooms to creative wall lighting for commercial spaces, we can support you in turning your vision into reality. 

Explore how Hi360 LED rope lighting transforms any interior. 


Outpost Modern LED Ceiling Light

Outpost is a multi-concept space in Port Moody where people gather to dine, drink, listen to live music and shop for local products. HiNeon collaborated with Marcon Developments to bring their unique LED ceiling light design to life. 

Check out our interview with Maxime Zentner of Marcon!



Install a captivating focal point that entices visitors to enjoy their stay. Hi360 has a flexible or rigid structure to fill the void in the ceiling with an interesting statement light fixture. 


Remarkable lighting design and craft to impress individuals in stations, convention centres, shopper centres, boutiques, and other indoor public spaces. 


Expand the possibilities of your creations. Use Hi360 in its rigid or flexible form. The LED neon rope light suits various creative lighting ideas for installation art in galleries, museums, and indoor art spaces.


Stylish LED rope lighting that is flexible to be shaped in different ways or used as a simple, rigid LED tube light fixture for simple, open spaces at the office or corporate setting. 


Give confidence to an overlooked space at home. Highlight key areas using experimental designs by creating unconventional shapes or patterns. 

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Hi360 floats beautifully in social spaces. Whether you install it on walls or ceiling, this creative luminaire can be tailored to fit any interior.

View our Hi360 designs to see how this modern LED light fixture can be placed neatly as minimalist and sophisticated lighting. You can also create unconventional shapes for bold and creative lighting designs.

Check out how Hi360 can make a difference.



Flexible Material 

Architectural-grade material that can be bent and curved in different forms

360° Lighting Angle

Consistent lighting on every angle and evenly illuminates the room 


LED neon lights use 75% less energy than other light sources like incandescent and fluorescent

1-Year Warranty

Hi360 has a 1-year warranty and it is extendable for up to 5 years

Long Lifespan

The Hi360 lasts for years or up to 50,000+ hours

Free Shipping

We deliver Hi360 in Canada and USA for free

Durable Material

Less prone to breakage since there are no moving parts inside the LED tube. Impact-resistant and convenient for shipping

UL & ULC Listed

Hi360 complies with industry-required standards for safety and quality in Canada and USA

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color options

Blue, Red, Green, and White CCT* in Warm White (3000K), Natural White (4000K), Daylight (5000K), and Cool White (6500K)

*Our white LED tubes are labelled with different correlated colour temperature (CCT) options. The numbers in Kelvin (K) differentiate the temperature and tone of white light emitted from the white LED. CCT does not show the colour rendering or tunability of an LED. 




The flexible LED neon rope is the default form of Hi360. It does not have any polycarbonate tube cover. The flexible form of the LED material has a minimum bend diameter of 120mm (4.72”).


The rigid structure of Hi360 is made possible by the clear polycarbonate tube cover (PC). The PC cover maintains the straight form of the LED neon which is useful for vertical and horizontal application.


led neon specialists

HiNeon is the leading LED neon sign manufacturer based in Vancouver, Canada. We thrive in creating the next generation LED lighting for commercial, residential, hospitality, and corporate setting. Our Hi360 LED lighting fixture meets the requirements of unique, flexible, and versatile lighting for different interior design projects. 

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HiNeon creates LED ceiling lights for our U.S. and Canadian clients. Our lines are open if you think Hi360 is suitable for your renovations or new builds. We will happily answer your inquiries and assist you with your needs. 

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