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Below is our custom made neon sign gallery, Are you in Toronto, Ontario and want to get beautiful neon signs? Our shop is based in Vancouver BC and we deliver Canada wide in 2-3 weeks.



Custom Signs

High grade custom neon signs featuring
our most advanced LED technology.

Create any shape/form
RGB option available
2-4 weeks delivery time



Elegance meets high performance.
Engineered for any occasion.


6 neon sign fonts
7 colors available
2-4 weeks delivery time



Highly durable, completely flexible.
One sign, unlimited possibilities.

Magnetic LED letters
2 colors to choose from
Next day delivery



The perfect partner for your business’ storefront.
Different font, colors, and unique designs.

Remote controlled
6 colors to choose from
10 days delivery time



Shapes, and patterns you’ll love!
Perfect gifts and home decorations.


Plug and Play
Up to 7 colors available
2-3 weeks delivery time

LED Neon Sign Projects by HiNeon

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Custom neon signs in Toronto – Create a unique image of your company

Do you want to make a sound statement and stand out from the competition? Then it’s time to go for neon signs in Toronto. With the help of our services, you will be able to create a unique company’s image, representing it in the best light, both literally and practically. Here at HiNeon, we know how to incorporate a non-standard outdoor advertising approach to make any business thrive. Thus, the bright neon light signs above the entrance of your company will give you the upper hand, welcoming numerous potential clients to visit your place. With us, even a small business like a coffee shop or bakery can become a magnet for locals as we know how to make it noticeable. Shop for our state-of-the-art outdoor signs, lightboxes, plaques, and pillars to bring the image of your company to the next level. 

Invest in our neon light signs in Toronto to gain more attention for your business

There are dozens of options for illuminated outdoor advertising available these days. However, neon signs are considered as the most sought-after ones as they possess a number of undeniable advantages, including: 


  • High efficiency. The bright glow of neon signs draws attention at any time of the day or night, making your business easily distinguished and recognizable. Having these eye-catching signs above your entrance will attract the uncountable number of clients every day. 
  • Multifunctionality. Neon light signs work well in various climatic and weather conditions. So, it’s always the right time to incorporate this mean of external advertising into your promotional campaign. 
  • Profitability. It’s claimed that neon tubes may serve as long as 15 years. Plus, they’re energy-efficient and non-affected by the environment. That is why it will be a smart investment to opt for our neon lights in Toronto
  • Practicality and safety. Neon lights cannot burn out as they do not have filaments. Thus, they can not become the cause of the wiring short circuit. What is more, this kind of lighting does not generate noise.
  • Easy to install. You don’t need any special equipment or knowledge to mount and connect neon light signs. This procedure can be done within minutes. However, if you still need any additional assistance, we’re always here to lend you a helping hand. 


Entrust your company brand image to dedicated professionals and reap maximum rewards. With the HiNeon company on your side, you will be one step ahead of your local competitors, gaining more profit each day.

Why count on us to buy neon signs for sale in Toronto?

If you still doubt if HiNeon is your best bet for ordering neon signs, then take a look at the following advantages of cooperating with us:


  • Custom design. Our designers are ready to handle a task of any complexity and create neon signs that will 100% match your business idea and vision.
  • Deep-rooted expertise. Our hand-picked team comprises high-class specialists who know all the ins and outs of the process and can make your business visible for your targeted audience. 
  • Respect for deadlines. We value the time of our customers and follow strict deadlines for each project. Order custom neon signs in Toronto today and check it by yourself. 
  • Top-notch materials. At HiNeon, we use only premium-quality materials that have been thoroughly tested. That is why the neon signs ordered from us will serve you for many years to come.
  • In-house production. If you have no idea what sign will work best for your business, our designers will create a couple of sketches and layouts so that you have an option to choose from.

There should be no room for doubts when it comes to ordering high-end neon signs from our company. We’re lauded for 5-stars service, top-quality merchandise, and an individual approach to each client. And with our reasonable rates being the icing on the cake, you can expand your business horizons without spending a fortune.