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We made custom LED Neon Sign for Ottawa–Gatineau!

Below is our custom made neon sign gallery, Are you in Ottawa–Gatineau and want to get beautiful neon signs? Our shop is based in Vancouver BC and we deliver Canada wide in 2-3 weeks.

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Сustom Neon Signs Ottawa-Gatineau – Smart Investment in Your Business

Neon signs are one of the oldest and proven types of outdoor advertising. If you need ads that will attract maximum attention, then neon signs Ottawa–Gatineau will meet your expectations. A neon sign gives a bright and rich light that looks attractive and stylish. It cannot go unnoticed or overlooked.

Neon Lights Ottawa-Gatineau for Your Business

If you need to emphasize the style of your business, its unique personality, and elegance, then an illuminated sign will suit you well. Such neon constructions are ideal for entertainment and gaming centers, entertainment venues, and interiors. The same refers to a more formal and restrained style. Buy neon light signs Ottawa–Gatineau to create a unique image for your company office, restaurant, cafe, or recreation center of any type.

How to Order Our Services?

Our company creates neon signs with programmable controllers. As a result, you get a uniquely beautiful design with a series of on and off switches and smooth shimmers of light.

  • Neon sign making

Our specialists have vast experience in working with neon tubes. This process is rather painstaking and complicated. We use neon light in a variety of shades from dazzling white to cobalt. So you will never suffer from the shortage of options. What is more, our specialists create neon signs in blue, red, green, and other colors.

  • Sketch

First, we develop a sketch of the future neon sign using a graphic editor. Only after a customer approves the sketch, the projected signboard is sent to production.

  • Bending

The most difficult stage of the production of neon signs for sale Ottawa–Gatineau is the bending of neon lamps. It is carried out by our qualified specialists with many years of experience in this business.

  • Assembly

Assembly is an equally important stage of neon sign production. The accuracy and attention to detail of our designers will ensure that there is no damage during construction assembly, transportation, or operation.
Let Us Help You Achieve Success

Do not go with second-rate and ineffective advertising. Employ the latest technology and solid knowledge from true professionals in this business. Order neon signs here. We offer high-quality design and production of outdoor advertising, as well as its accurate installation. Neon signs, lightboxes, roof installations, and volumetric letters – all these can be ordered on our website.