How to Draw Attention with Your LED Animated Signs

How to Draw Attention with Your LED Animated Signs

A regular LED sign is a great way to attract eyes, but when your sign starts moving, it’s even better. Here’s how to draw attention with your animated signs.

Picture it. Your storefront has a LED animated sign that is so engaging people can’t help but walk into your store.

It can happen. If you choose the right message.

It’s not like neon lighting hasn’t captured the attention of people for decades.

Sounds like a great idea, right?

But before you run out and buy your sign, let’s learn about how you can use LED animated signs to advertise your business.

Why USE LED Animated Signs?

There are so many benefits to using a LED animated sign. 

It’s becoming so popular that it’s being compared to the dot-com explosion. Everyone simply wants to be a part of it.

Here’s why LED animated signs are becoming so popular:

  • Less expensive than fluorescent lighting
  • Lighting lasts longer
  • Color can change in real time or set to change colors automatically
  • Great color options
  • Can be operated in or outdoors
  • Can be operated on a variety of surfaces

Where Can I Place the Animated Signs?

Since this type of eye-catching lighted sign produces less heat, there are more options for where you can place them.

Here are some great ideas where you can place animated signs:

  • Outdoor Ads: The perfect spot is right outside your establishment. Make it large and brightly colored enough for everyone to see. You want to make it large enough to attract both foot traffic and those driving by. A good example for a sign would be if you own a burger joint, you can have bright big, juicy burger with words that say, “eat here now!”
  • Indoor Ads: A great way to notify customers of a sale or to attract them to a certain section of your store. These signs can be placed anywhere near an electrical outlet and some even run on a 12VDC battery.
  • Vehicular Ads: You can place these ads on trucks, buses and even cars. It’s a great way to easily spread your message all over town.
  • Offsite Locales: Other stores and businesses may be willing to place your sign in their place of business. This is a great idea if you sell a product that you’re trying to gain brand recognition with. 

What Are Some Marketing Ideas to Use with Animated Signs?

There are so many marketing ideas you can use with animated signs.

That’s part of the fun of an animated sign.

There are colors and messages of all types you can use.

Here are just a few to get you started:

  • Events & Holidays: A giant heart for Valentine’s Day
  • Time Sensitive: “Eat here now!”
  • Seasonal: Snowflakes (also perfect for sporting goods stores)
  • Awards/Achievements: “Voted 2017’s Best Coffee Shop in Denver!”
  • Greetings: “Welcome to Hard Rock Cafe!”
  • Brand Logo Sign: Like Heineken or Twitter you too can brand your business for all to see
  • Product/Service Information: “Red Wine’s Here”
  • Humor: “In Queso Emergency, Pray to Cheeses”
  • Job Openings: “We’re hiring!”

With so many options, it’s hard to see a downside to using animated signs to market your business.

The only hard part is knowing the right place to go to create your sign. We can help with that.