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Desk Neon Light: The Secret to Earning Your Employee’s Trust

Desk neon light on corporate employee’s desk

Microsoft – 10,000

Meta – 10,000 

Amazon – 18,000 

These aren’t daily sales or company growth. They are the number of employees that will get fired this 2023.

COVID-19 has thrown a big dent in the global economy, expecting to lose nearly $8.5 trillion over the next two years. For employers who have had to make the tough decision to lay off employees, there is more than financial costs to consider. These massive layoffs can severely impact the remaining employees’ morale, productivity, and loyalty.

“How long before I get fired?” This is much too big for the management to ignore.

In this blog, we will explore the ways of overcoming massive layoffs. We will also discuss how to regain the trust of their employees with the best gift that will improve morale and productivity—a desk neon light. Let’s dive right in.

The Negative Impact of Massive Layoffs

Massive layoffs can have a negative impact on both the employees who are laid off and the employees who remain. 

Employees who are laid off may suffer from financial difficulties, job loss trauma, and a loss of professional identity. On the other hand, employees who remain may suffer from survivor guilt, stress, and uncertainty about their future with the company.

Massive layoffs can also lead to a loss of trust and loyalty among employees. Employees may feel that the company does not care about them and their well-being. They may also think that their job security is at risk, decreasing their motivation and productivity. As a result, they will simply resign from their roles.

Bringing Back Your Employee’s Trust

Earning your employee’s trust is a complex process that requires time, effort, and commitment from the company’s management. Here are some steps small and big businesses take to regain their employees’ trust:

#1. Communicate Openly and Honestly

What if you don’t know what your employees want? Open and honest communication is key to trust with employees.

Companies must communicate effectively with their employees why they’re downsizing and their plans for the future. They should also be transparent about the financial situation of the company and the impact on the remaining employees.

#2. Offer Support and Assistance

Companies should offer support and assistance to their laid-off employees. But how?

  • Job training
  • Severance packages
  • Career counseling 

This helps the laid-off employees transition to new jobs and shows the remaining employees that the company cares about its employees’ well-being.

#3. Build a Positive Company Culture

A positive company culture is essential in building and maintaining employee trust and loyalty. Companies should foster a culture of transparency, respect, and collaboration where employees feel valued and included. They should also encourage employee feedback and involvement in decision-making processes.

#4. Invest in the Remaining Employees

How about the employees that survived the Tech Layoff?

Companies should invest in their remaining employees by providing them with training and development opportunities, clear job descriptions and performance expectations, and recognition for their hard work. This not only helps the employees develop new skills but also shows them that the company values their contributions and wants them to succeed.

In the middle of the confusion and discord of the employer-employee relationship, you can give them a symbol that proves and strengthens that bond—a desktop neon sign.

HiMini by HiNeon 

Man having a video conference call with a neon lamp as background

Small but impressionable.

These are three powerful words that will stick to your employees. Despite the unfortunate layoffs due to the pandemic, the company’s position, or the global economy, your workers are not insignificant.

Just like our mini neon light, they make small changes that greatly impact the company.

Made to Motivate and Lessen Expense

As a neon sign company, we don’t give your usual plaques or certificates to our employees. We level up our gifts to HiMinis of our brand’s logo. This branded token of appreciation boosts our employee’s morale. They know that with this neon lamp, they are valued.

So you don’t have to waste thousands of dollars on different knick knacks that most of your employees will not use. When you order our desktop neon lights in bulk, you only have to spend one year’s worth of one employee’s salary or even less.

Embrace the Change

As of 2022, 56% of companies allow “productivity anywhere” or “work from home” setups. Employees might love the idea. But it has long-term effects on maintaining professionalism, building brand recognition, and maintaining uniformity within the business.

With our desktop neon sign, you can overcome the loss of connection between you and your employee. Having HiMini in their workspace also creates a branded environment for your business engagements. As a result, it allows employees to share their digital business cards during video meetings.

With our desk neon sign, employees get this sense of belonging and seriousness wherever they work.

Capture Your Brand’s Essence

Many staff members are not too keen on receiving random trinkets as gifts. In fact, some may even feel insulted or undervalued when they receive such items.

These gifts may seem low in value, or simply irrelevant to the employee’s job or interests. Additionally, according to recent statistics from When I Work , a staggering 65% of employees haven’t received any form of recognition for good work in the last year.

But our HiMinis is something new and 36% more likely to gets your employees excited to share. Our neon tech design accurately designs your business’s logos or slogans without fail.

Thanks to our team of neon specialists and engineers, no matter how intricate your brand’s logo is, we can make it. Your logo will not be hiding in meetings or desk drawers in the dark. Our neon desk sign will shine brightly for partners and clients to recognize.

Earn Back Your Employee’s Trust With HiMini

Massive layoffs may have dented employee morale, productivity, and loyalty.

However, your company can overcome the adverse effects of layoffs by communicating openly and honestly, offering support and assistance, building a positive company culture, and investing in your employees. If you can’t do it all at once, you can start small with HiMini.

You can regain your employees’ trust and loyalty and emerge stronger with our small neon signs. Do you want to learn more? Talk with us at today!

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