Why Your Business Needs an LED Neon Sign

Why Your Business Needs an LED Neon Sign

There is just something about an LED neon sign that draws people into a business, and you’re going to capitalize on that. Here’s why your business needs one.

Trying to get your small business noticed a bit more? You need a LED neon sign.

Most of the strategies for getting attention to a small business these days feel digital, and/or “create an app.”

That can work depending on the type of business you have, but as more and more people come online, there’s a lot more noise out there to wade through. That means your content — whatever you put out around your products and services — might get lost. 

A LED neon sign doesn’t get lost. It’s big, bright, and announces who you are. It draws people into your business. 

A 2002 study actually showed that, of 100,000 shoppers, 29% made their decision of where to enter and shop based on neon signs.

A similar study, done in 2012 by Ketchum Global Research, found that number to be higher — about 68% of shoppers made a decision based off a LED neon sign. 

The benefits of a LED neon sign

There are several crucial ones, including:

  • Durability: A typical LED neon sign will last 6,250 days — or about 17 years. LED neon signs are also typically waterproof.
  • Creativity is limitless: LED neon signs offer a lot of color and movement options; there are almost no restrictions on what you can do with them.
  • They can be recycled: Always a pro in the modern era.
  • Lead time on orders: A LED neon sign can be ordered with a lead time of about 10 days; the lead time for a traditional neon sign is about 3-7 weeks. 

The difference between LED neon signs and standard neon signs

This is an important difference for any business to understand, and it typically takes three main forms. 

The first is temperature. A LED neon sign operates at a much lower temperature, so it can be touched and interacted with. A traditional neon sign cannot be touched.

The second is safety. They are not made of glass, rendering them safer. (They are made of PVC.)

The third is energy cost. 

If you try to run 100 feet of light, a LED neon sign will cost about 120 watts of power. A traditional neon sign at 100 feet would cost 2,000 watts of power. 

Currently a kilowatt/hour standard is around $0.12, meaning your price difference running 10-12 hours a day would be huge.

In short: you save a lot of money with LED neon signs as opposed to traditional neon signs.

LED Neon signs custom ordering

Traditionally small-to-mid-sized businesses are the main source of ordering LED neon signs, but periodically individuals want something for their home that’s creative and inviting.

In such a situation, custom LED neon signage is a preferred way to go. A consultant can work with you on a sketch, turn the sketch into reality, and get you that LED neon sign for your game room.

Typically this runs about $500-$3,000, with shipping included. 

If that seems too much, there are pre-designed LED neon sign options too, including popular favorites like Stars and the laughing with tears emoji.

If you have any other questions or concerns about LED neon signs, feel free to leave them in the comments. We’d love to help you draw people into your home or business.