The Benefits of LED over Traditional Neon Signs

The Benefits of LED over Traditional Neon Signs

Neon signs had a good run, but now it’s time for LED signs to take over. Keep reading for all of the advantages of an LED sign over traditional neon signs.

Store owners and businesses around the world are seeing the light when it comes to signage. 

Neon signs were once the only way to catch customers’ eyes with color and brightness. Now, thanks to LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, there is a better, less expensive way to attract attention.

Whether your goal is to save money, improve aesthetics, or be eco-friendly, LED signs are the right option for today and tomorrow. 

The benefits of LED signs vs neon signs

There are many benefits to installing a LED sign instead of a traditional neon sign.


LED signs are the collection of thousands of tiny single lights. Each light is programmed independently and can be “active”. This means each light can flash, fade or change color regardless of what the other lights are doing. Imagine the possibilities!

Plus, the size of the bulbs provides the benefit of creating a sign of any shape and design — even in the smallest of spaces.

Neon signs, on the other hand, are fixed. Aside from turning on and off (flashing), they can’t change. Each tube can be only one color. And, they are made of tubes that are difficult to bend into intricate shapes. 

Electricity use

You have better things than electricity bills to spend your money on. LED signs use about 15x less electricity than neon signs.

It requires about 20 watts per hour of electricity to run one foot of a typical neon sign. (The length of all the tubes in a neon sign, if straightened, determines the “size” of the sign.) If you made a one-foot tube from LED lights with the thickness of a neon tube, it would use only 1.2 watts of electricity per hour.


LED signs provide consistent brightness, making them easy to see up close and from a distance.

Neon signs, depending on the colors used, can be difficult to see from far away, especially at night. LED signs are easy to see and read in daylight and at night.


The range of colors available for LED signs is almost limitless. Matching color to logos and other brand elements is possible.

Neon signs have a limit color range. Your yellow sign will be the exact color of someone else’s yellow neon sign.


Another cost-saving benefit of LED signs is how long they last. On average, LED signs stay illuminated for 100,000+ hours before any bulbs need to be replaced.

The average lifespan of a neon sign is 30,000 hours.


A major factor in the longevity of LED signs is the durability of each bulb. Unlike neon signs which are made using fragile glass tubing, LED bulbs are sturdy to the touch.

Plus, LED signs are waterproof and less prone to weather damage.

Durability is one reason why some individuals use LED signs outside and inside their homes.


Due to their low energy consumption and longevity (not needing to be replaced often), LED signs are the eco-friendly choice. 

In more and more jurisdictions, LED bulbs are recyclable. When a neon sign breaks or is no longer needed, it must be handled as toxic waste.


LED signs generate little heat and are always safe to touch. Neon signs are extremely hot when on. 

The construction of LED signs is also beneficial to safety. Because the bulbs are durable, if the sign does break, broken glass doesn’t become a hazard.

Low maintenance

It’s easy to maintain LED signs. Because they aren’t fragile and don’t get too hot to touch, keeping LED signs clean requires not much more than a damp cloth.

Neon signs must be off and allowed to cool down before they can be cleaned. The fragility of their construction also makes cleaning a delicate activity.

Then there’s the issue of a “burnt out” sign. With LED signs, you’ll never have part of your sign “missing”. When a bulb stops working (after 100,000+ hours), it doesn’t change the overall look of the sign.

In summary

LED signs are the future of eye-catching and creative signage. They are versatile and keep costs down while boosting visibility. 

When you compare the features of LED and neon signs, the short and long-term benefits of LED are clear.

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