10 Home Neon Sign You Can Buy for Under $300 dollars

Neon Lights are simply sensational. Illuminating the night sky in the busy city streets, these lights liven up the mood of the occasion. Are you thinking of having a neon-light for home-decor yourself at reasonable cost? Well we’ve made the job easier for you. Following is the list of 10 very chic and neon light signs that can be used to enhance the appearance of your house. The signs could also be used as statement-makers. Pick the one that you think defines you or your tastes the best. All the signs are available under $300. You don’t get any better value for money than that!

Smiley Face

This smiley face neon light for home decoration is a great idea. Symbolizing the happiness, joy and fun it could be used anywhere in the house to get a bit of a mood-lift. The Smiley face icon also has some connection with the pop culture. So all the music lovers would appreciate it as a mark of youthful buzz and excitement! This neon lights smiley face is made of PVC material that doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. You can safely touch the sign without any harm.


The LED neon Love sign is all about spreading the positive vibes around. You could use this in your bedroom, kids’ living area or main hall, it’s simply going to look fantastic. Love is that emotion that everyone can feel related to. This neon sign lights up so brightly that it changes the whole feel an otherwise dull and nondescript place. The sign is made using the PVC material that’s recyclable and has no toxic chemicals. Decorate your dwelling and spread the love.

Love as a Gift Sign

Short of gift ideas? Well a Love and a Heart sign lit up with neon lights is just what you need to enthrall your special loved one. This sign could be used on a variety of occasions such as Anniversary, Valentines Day or even a Birthday party. It’s a lovely and elegant looking sign that imparts a sense of joy and happiness to the beholder. The word love is very stylishly written and is accompanied with a heart next to it, expressing the emotion both through speech and symbol. Get this neon sign to impress the ones you care for.

Motorbike Sign

This motorcycle sign is one that’s fit for a lot of purposes. If you’d like to advertise your motorbiking business, this classy motorbike neon sign would gravitate your customers to your shop. The heart in the middle acts as the link between all the motorbike’s parts. The concept revolves around the fact that it takes effort and hardship to achieve any dream. Amaze people using this motorbike neon sign. The use of LED neon lights also means it’s a step towards energy conservation. It’s both cost-effective and stylish!


A slight paradox to think that a cloud would illuminate your dwelling, but this neon light with cloud’s design does just that. The shape of the cloud looks so natural and that’s accentuated even more with the brightly lit outlines. This could be a chic home decor design for any house. Get the design now and impress your guests with it. It’s both energy-efficient and risk-free with the use of low-voltage. The design is made using PVC material and is chemical-free.


This 2D avalanche design is again made using the neon lights. The idea was conceived thinking snow as a part and parcel of Canadian life every year. All the people into snowboarding and skiing would find this design very appealing. It serves beautifully as an item for home-decor. The use of neon lights to create the snow effect is one to admire. The design is made with PVC material that’s recyclable and has no toxic chemicals. Use the avalanche neon light design to express your winter-joy!


The Skeleton neon light is a funny idea to lighten up your dwelling. Apart from being a great tattoo inspiration, this is a perfect fit for Halloween or rock-events. The tattoo uses blu-ray neon lighting that creates a spectacular effect. Visible to people from good distance, this resembles the face of a jester. Kids as well as both grown ups are both going to share a laugh with this neo-light in their house. It’s made with PVC material that contains no toxic chemicals.

Lovely Cat

This depiction of a scary cat through the neon lights in this sign is quite funny and dreary at the same time. The cat-lovers can use this sign in their house to make a statement. The sign is totally customizable and you could ask for size moderations. If you have an acquaintance who happen to be cat-lovers, then you could go ahead and gift them this lovely cat neon light design. There’s no doubt, they’re going to love it! If you’re worried about your own cat taking a swing at it and getting injured in the process, you could take a breather. The neon-lights are safe to touch due to low-voltage!

Hard Rock

Hard Rock neon signs get any rock-music lover excited. Hineon’s stylish Hard Rock is just what they want. This sign is more famous around the cafes and bars playing hardcore rock music, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one for yourself and hang it somewhere in the house. It’s a really quite catchy and stunning at look at. The lights are very safe to use and are actually energy saving. Just like all the other Hineon’s neon light signs, they’re made using PVC material that has no chemical toxins.

Dolphin Design

The golden dolphin neon light design is a real treat to the eye. The dolphin creature is so adorable that we all seem to adore it. Being as nice and beautifully carved to depict a dolphin, this neon light design is going to be a great fit for home-decor. Impress your guests or just gift it to a dolphin lover, this design is never getting old. Again the neon lights used to create this design are energy-saving and create a brilliant effect in whatever place they’re used!

With that, we can conclude this article. The list is quite an impressive one and there’s no doubt, you don’t get better worth for your money under $300. By now you’d have definitely got a few favorites that you want to get your hands on. Don’t waste any time before making them your on. Share this list around with friends or acquaintances, who might be interested in the idea of home-decor with neon lights. The Hineon’s lights are just one of a kind. We are all in one package giving your quality, cost and energy savings with our products. Have fun and illuminate your dwelling with these wonderful ideas!